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Opportunity scouting, deal sourcing and tech due diligence can be quite time-exhausting and expensive exercises for Venture Capitalists. Especially in times of radical disruption like we are currently experiencing. This newsletter serves as support and compass across industries and AI subfields. Each week we highlight new promising Early Stage AI startups, their technology stack and their specific use cases.

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest emerging and most disruptive technologies of the upcoming decades. Due to open source AI models, open source data, and no-code tools, it has never been easier to build AI applications and products. That makes it difficult for VCs and Angel Investors to survey the market and assess the pitched technology properly. Business leaders and investors need to have confidence in the technical solution and its potential to deliver real value. techtrust.ai is committed to build trust in AI technology by providing transparency, reliable information, insights, and resources that help businesses make informed decisions about Artificial Intelligence investments.

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